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A Brief Exchange Between Two Would-Be North Korean Revolutionaries

Korean 1: Now that Kim Jong-Il is dead, do you want to join me in overthrowing our country’s tyrannous regime?
Korean 2: I would, but…
Korean 1: But what?
Korean 2: I’m not insane. And I’d rather just shoot myself in the face.
Korean 1: I think you’re-
Korean 2: Or jump on a landmine.
Korean 1: Look, this-
Korean 2: But not before I watched my entire family jump on a landmine.
Korean 1: You’re-
Korean 2: Then all of my friends, and then all of their friends.
Korean 1: See, it’s-
Korean 2: And everyone I’ve ever spoken to. Ever. But only if it was systematic, emotionless and dead quick. Either alphabetically or by height - I haven’t decided yet.
Korean 1: All I’m saying is that if the Arab and Middle Eastern uprisings can be so successful, then why can’t a North Korean one?
Korean 2: Dude, you must be on crack.


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An Expert Analysis of Michael Fassbender's Running Style From the Film 'Shame'

Tom Wiggins: What are your first impressions of Michael Fassbender/Brandon's running style? Paul Whittaker: He's running nice, smooth and relaxed. He seems like he has a good amount of fitness and he is running well within himself in terms of pace.   TW: What improvements could he make to his running style? PW: The main improvement I'd make is his foot plant.  He lands heel first and this causes a 'breaking' effect when travelling forwards.  If he landed on his mid-foot/forefoot, this would be a much better for impact stress and propulsion going forward into the next running stride. TW: Regarding his speed, how many minutes per mile is he running? PW: I would say he is running approx 7-7.30 minutes per mile. TW:  What do you make of his stride lengths?  Is he overstriding/understriding? PW: The actor is definitely overstriding in this clip.  It would help if his feet landed underneath and below his centre of gravity. TW: What's his posture like? PW: A slight forward le…

Neil has an Epiphany at Breakfast

Neil was very avant-garde,
and too bohemian to write a card,

and as a fan of the unorthodox,
he wrote au revoir! on a cereal box.

So when some worried friends stopped by,
it was The Honey Monster who said goodbye.

He booked a flight, but didn't pack –
just left with a camera and the clothes on his back.

No one will hear from him for years and years –
until a beautiful book of photographs appears.

The Babalú Coffee House & Graffiti in Central Reykjavik

A month or two after getting back from last year's trip to Iceland, I noticed on my analytics page that my blog had attracted a massive seven visitors who were based in Iceland. 'That's strange.' I thought. 'I haven't even mentioned, let alone blogged about Iceland yet. Why am I attracting visitors?' It was at this point that I recalled scrawling my blog address on the wall of a Reykjavik coffee shop. Don't worry, readers: it was perfectly legal.

Any UK-based coffee house would have shown me the door as I graffitied this here url across their wall, but this was the Babalú Coffee House.  And you soon realise upon arriving in Iceland that it has the highest concentration of cool, calm and creative types than just about anywhere else in the world.  Iceland is like the coolest place you've ever visited...just better.  It's so hip that it could bring that very word back into fashion.  
Situated on the Skólavördustigur road and roughly between Ha…