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Slow Club or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Band

I was introduced to Slow Club near the end of 2014 while training as a stonemason at Bath College.  I liked them, but it wasn't love at first listen.  I remember watching Gareth from The Office star in one of their music videos and being as underwhelmed by it as he was by his ride on the Ferris wheel.  ‘Giving up on Love’ is early Slow Club and I sort of liked it, but at the time it sounded like a song I'd hear on an advert containing twenty-somethings pretending to be teenagers as they got ready for a night out.  It was a song I'd enjoy while the advert lasted but one that I would fail to look up. 
But I stuck with them because the friend who provided the introduction also liked Joanna Newsom - and us Newsom fans have to stick together. The song featured on ‘Yeah So’, Slow Club’s 2009 debut album, but a cutesy advert-friendly band they were not.They weren’t about to let the end of the decade swallow them up.They were in the process of developing a more unique sound that af…