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And sure enough

i.  Saturday

I don't often listen to the radio in bed, but last night something compelled me to switch it on.  I needed voices in the background to ease me to sleep.  It was doing its job admirably for half an hour or so.  If falling asleep is a journey guided by nodding trees to a cabin in the woods, or a riverboat ride to a special place from childhood, or a steep ascent on a mythical bird up, up and up, then I was as good as there - wherever there was.  I'd felt sleep's fingertips, but then - then they slipped away.  Something magical was playing on the radio and it steered me back to wakefulness.  My need to sleep was strong, but my need to know this song was stronger.  If I didn't get up now, the song would be lost in the black hole of lost songs, or at least that's how it felt.   I walked to the kitchen in a daze and found the radio show's playlist.  I found her on Spotify.  I can't remember walking back to bed, but it was likely I was asleep before …

Tread Softly

If a young woman put a poem of mine to song over 70 years after my death, I'd be chuffed to bits.  

W.B. Yeats must be fist-pumping in his grave.  

'Tread Softly' by Tiny Ruins