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Ten Songs I've Heard Over The Past Year That Have Impressed Me

1.  Make a Plan to Love Me by Bright Eyes

I've obsessed over Lua by Bright Eyes for years, and admit that I'd listened to that song (particularly the version he does with Gillian Welch that appears on the wonderful compilation 'Dark Was The Night') more than all of his other songs put together.  But when I stumbled upon Cassadaga at a charity shop, I thought I'd try and branch out.  I doubt Make a Plan to Love Me will be placed alongside the likes of Lua and Bright Eyes' other great songs, but it does have charm and I lose myself in it every time.  I played it while my dad was in the room last week.  He thought I was playing it just to annoy him.  I guess I'm just hooked on the sentiment.  

2.  How It Felt To Kiss You by Mara Carlyle
I bought Mara Carlyle's album from a car boot sale only last week.  I haven't had much time to digest it fully, but this instrumental track has quickly asserted itself as an early favourite.  Like the best songs, it allows…