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Slow Club @ Gloucester Guildhall - Thursday 26th February 2015

Having made several attempts to write a coherent/enjoyable/insightful piece about Slow Club's gig since they played Gloucester Guildhall on Thursday 26 February, I'm going to admit defeat and just spew out some thoughts that came to mind while I was there - otherwise referred to as a real music reviewer's first draft.  Here goes:
1.  It was very clear from the off that Rebecca and Charles really like and really enjoy performing their songs.  I get the impression that Complete Surrender was exactly the album they wanted to make.  
2.  I read one review that said that Rebecca had "lungs like parachutes".  I'm not going to disagree - her voice is as raw and as emotive and as affecting as they come and it reaches heights that few contemporary singers can achieve.  She's one of the best vocalists out there, and I can say that having listened to an inordinate amount of music by British female singer-songwriters over the past ten years.  However, Charles should be…