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On Waiting For a Postal Reply to a Poem Submission

You invariably chose to have it sent
to your parents' address - safer, yes,
but a way of convincing them
that your social status lies somewhere 
between Failure and Conqueror of Language.

So when your mother calls to say,
You've received a letter, 
you'll know by the way she says
Letter that she's not talking
The AA or Boots Opticians.

The address is handwritten,
she'll whisper. Of course,
she'll know your next question 
because you've asked it before: 
Does it look like my handwriting?

She knows your handwriting. 
She's probably kept the other 
stamp-addressed envelopes
that you'd opened when you still had
light in your eyes. but she'll say
I cannot say for sure.

Don't get your hopes up.
As a general rule of thumb,
if you can still remember 
your mother's first name, 
it's much, much too soon.