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Slow Club Gig Review - The Lantern, Colston Hall - Saturday 28th May 2016

It is Bank Holiday Monday morning and as I write this, a cover of Future Islands’ ‘Seasons (Waiting on You)’ is playing on repeat on my laptop.  “Seasons change and I try hard just to soften you.”  It’s something about the rhythm of that line that keeps me returning to it.  It might be how it forms a metrical palindrome in the way the stresses fall.  I imagine a mirror, or pivot, between ‘try’ and ‘hard’, and a great blossoming from its centre, rather than from left to right.  Its content adds emotion to its appeal, but its structure has a symmetry and simplicity that’s as pure and as honest as a blush.    It is one of the most beautiful first lines in music and it is being sung by Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club. 

The song is a tapestry rich with feeling that Slow Club delicately weave their own brand of richness through. The Future Islands original was the soundtrack to last June’s family trip to Gdansk in Poland and I am transported back there every time I hear it.My brother hears it f…

Seven Haiku (mostly about the film 'Creed')

Worst Haiku Ever

Rubbish, Rubbish, Rub-
a-dub-dub, three men in a 
Jerome K. Jerome. 

Tuesday Haiku 

Behind at college.
How will I fly to the moon 
before the term ends?

{Film Spoiler Alert}

Creed Haiku #1

Time to get fast-tracked
to a fight with the scouser
with my dead dad's name. 

Creed Haiku #2

Yo Rocky, train me!
Everyone you knew is dead
and you might die soon. 

Creed Haiku #3

My name IS NOT Creed.  
Well, okay - maybe it is. 
Where's my title shot? 

Creed Haiku #4

My route to success:
bypass the amateur ranks 
and fight the world champ.

Creed Haiku #5

Oh, did I tell you - 
leave the mansion out of this! -
I've been to juvey.