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An Ode to Friends and the Sea

At the beginning of September, I went on a short break to Brighton.  I was in between one stonemasonry job and another and keen to do something worthwhile with this break I had manufactured.  I had arranged with my friends on the coast that I would go during that week, but I was laboured with indecision up until the morning I was due to leave.  I had spent much of the previous day reading Stephen Grosz’s ‘The Examined Life’ – a book I had discovered more or less at the right time.  It included a series of very illuminating and well-written psychotherapy case studies that went some way towards shedding some light on what I was feeling at the time.  While it had many points in its favour, it wasn’t necessarily something that eased the decision-making process over whether or not to go away.  I was still trying to make my mind up until the morning I was due to leave, trailing most of it behind me as I cycled to the hospital for a blood test.  It was the nurse who took my blood that convin…