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And I will join the unending hymn

This glorious day the earth is shaking - 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

And I will join the unending hymn -

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

No matter, no matter, no matter what.  

H is for Hawk

Free trip to Southend.Auntie needed Uncle to fit a new shower.Did I want to come with?Yes, I said.Their house was a living, working museum of my childhood and admission was free.I would make the sandwiches for the drive.
I needed a book for the return trip.I would stay longer than Uncle and I wanted to stop off in London on the way back.I booked a casual date with Oxfam.
I walked in and the hawk on the cover looked at me.H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald.I’d heard great things about it, but non-fiction?Could I do this after several uninspired attempts at getting back into fiction?Perhaps non-fiction is the antidote.The hawk on the cover continued to look at me as it perched stock-still on its Perspex stand.Do I want you, I thought.Do I need your heaviness in my bag? Are you worth carrying across London during the tube strike?Yes, the hawk said.Okay, I replied.I parted with £2.49.RRP £14.99.The bargain hunter in me was delighted.Words are important, I said as I slipped it into my bag.It ai…