Seven Haiku (mostly about the film 'Creed')

Worst Haiku Ever

Rubbish, Rubbish, Rub-

a-dub-dub, three men in a 
Jerome K. Jerome. 

Tuesday Haiku 

Behind at college.

How will I fly to the moon 
before the term ends?

{Film Spoiler Alert}

Creed Haiku #1

Time to get fast-tracked

to a fight with the scouser
with my dead dad's name. 

Creed Haiku #2

Yo Rocky, train me!

Everyone you knew is dead
and you might die soon. 

Creed Haiku #3

My name IS NOT Creed.  

Well, okay - maybe it is. 
Where's my title shot? 

Creed Haiku #4

My route to success: 
bypass the amateur ranks 
and fight the world champ.

Creed Haiku #5

Oh, did I tell you - 

leave the mansion out of this! -
I've been to juvey.   


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