An Expert Analysis of Michael Fassbender's Running Style From the Film 'Shame'

Tom Wiggins: What are your first impressions of Michael Fassbender/Brandon's running style?
Paul Whittaker: He's running nice, smooth and relaxed. He seems like he has a good amount of fitness and he is running well within himself in terms of pace.  
TW: What improvements could he make to his running style?
PW: The main improvement I'd make is his foot plant.  He lands heel first and this causes a 'breaking' effect when travelling forwards.  If he landed on his mid-foot/forefoot, this would be a much better for impact stress and propulsion going forward into the next running stride.
TW: Regarding his speed, how many minutes per mile is he running?
PW: I would say he is running approx 7-7.30 minutes per mile.
TW:  What do you make of his stride lengths?  Is he overstriding/understriding?
PW: The actor is definitely overstriding in this clip.  It would help if his feet landed underneath and below his centre of gravity.
TW: What's his posture like?
PW: A slight forward lean is always good when running.  Overall, he's running well with good posture.
TW: Do you have any tips for Michael Fassbender on how to improve his running style? 
PW: One of the easiest things he can do is to practice running barefoot.  You'll immediately discover that when you're barefoot, you're not landing on your heels, but striking on your forefoot.  
Paul Whittaker is the current Essex Cross-Country Champion.  He works at Runner's Edge, a family-run business with over 30 years of running experience.  Their website can be found here.


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