Usain Bolt & The 100 Metre Final: An Hour to Go

Usain Bolt winning the semi finals at the London Olympic Games with ease

We've got under an hour to go until the Olympic 100 Metre Final.  Ever since Bolt dismantled the competition in Beijing, I've been intrigued to find out whether he can do it in the same fashion again in London.

On paper at least, Bolt was none-too impressive in the 100 metre heats, winning the race in 10.08 seconds, but he did what he had to do to get into the next round.  The semi-finals revealed a Bolt of old: a Bolt capable of dismantling the competition and having enough time to look around to see their reaction.  In the BBC analysis afterwards, Michael Johnson said that he could have run two tenths of a second faster if he hadn't slowed down.  His winning time in the semis was 9.87 seconds, meaning he could have run the race in 9.67 seconds.  Not even Yohan "The Beast" Blake would be able to compete with that.  They finished the analysis off by saying "Blake was fantastic, but Bolt was Bolt."  That says it all: Bolt seems to be on-form, and an in-form Bolt is unbeatable.

Can Usain Bolt retain his 100 metre title?  I think so, I hope so.  If Bolt gets off to a good start, the world record may even fall.


1.  Usain Bolt
2.  Yohan Blake
3.  Tyson Gay


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