Slow Club

Excitement is steadily building for Slow Club's appearance at Gloucester Guildhall on Thursday 26th January.  I was introduced to them by a friend at stone masonry college last year, but it was only recently that I've started to listen to Complete Surrender, their latest album.  

I bought a ticket for myself and my friend Simon (of Glass Walking Stick fame) even before I knew whether or not he could go. This post is in part an appetiser for him, although it might have the opposite effect if he doesn't like their sound.  

Although it isn't even afforded a title on the album and is put at the end of it almost as an afterthought, it's sung with poignancy and real heart and I think it's close to the record's finest.  


  1. I'm looking forward to this gig, Tom! I'm always happy to see new bands, especially ones that are outside of my usual comfort zone :-) From what I've seen / heard of Slow Club they seem very fresh with quite an eclectic sound. I've just been playing Suffering You, Suffering Me on a loop - great Motown vibe and very different to F'ing Feelings
    And thanks again for the ticket!


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