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How Caribou helped me Through Some Geometry

I spent all of last night drawing an isometric projection (a three-dimensional drawing set at 30 degrees) for a column base as part of my stone masonry class.   Drawing and setting out the templates is easily as important as actually working a piece of stone, but it can be very time-consuming.  Before a hammer and chisel are even touched,  we're asked to draw the isometric plan,  the bed mould, the sections and reverses, as well as transferring them onto plastic and zinc.  Some of the other students have complained that too much emphasis is placed on the setting out, but I enjoy the process just as much as the work that follows.  

I brought the isometric drawing home because I didn't want it to eat into my college time.  Anticipating that the isometric projection (arguably the most difficult drawing from the ones we're asked to do) would be more like a marathon rather than a sprint, I plugged into BBC 6Music.  Since I started listening to it a few years ago, the station has  introduced me to a mountain of good music.  I know it's not for everyone.  Sometimes it's a little too out there  and a little confoundingbut that's the nature of it: I was never one to play it safe with music.  I'd rather listen to a few duds if it means I can listen to a gem.  The true connoisseurs of music listen to 6Music and that's why I try to tune into it as often as I can.  I try to be as diverse in my musical taste as possible.  

Canadian-born DJ and recording artist Dan Snaith AKA Caribou

I believe that 6Music outdid themselves last night.  Caribou was the guest DJ and he tore it up.  He introduced me to at least three songs that I can already count among my all-time favourites: Thinkin' About Your Body by Bobby McFerrin, Your Love Will Set You Free by Caribou (C2's Set U Free Remix) and Hana by Jun-ray & ASA-CHANG.

Admittedly, the songs do get progressively more curious, but there's something quite visceral about the last two songs in particular and I cannot help loving them.  A few years ago, I might have found these songs a little too curious for my taste, but 6Music has the ability to expand the palette of the music lover through its sheer diversity. I really cannot praise the station highly enough.  

The programme certainly did the trick: it introduced me to some great music while holding my attention during a five-hour geometry session!   



The drawing is almost there, with the help of Caribou.  His 6 mix can be heard here


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