As you drive us to see Courtney Barnett in the driving rain

For Simon 

In another life we might have stopped at a point where the road widened
jumped out blessed whomever for our crops and the good that it would do 
danced a wild goodbye to the drought until our shirts were soaked
but instead we waved our fists behind the safety of your wipers  
until we found a small but significant role for water to play in this
but as we weaved ourselves north we came to see a weakness in it
and we began to wonder how it would handle our growing spirit 
and what it would do if it felt what we felt when we arrived
when the smooth heat of her electric guitar slid down our throats
and saw to it that rain was just there to cool our little patch of earth.


  1. Ah, cheers Tom! This just goes to show that neither wind, snow nor hail can stop rock 'n' roll :-)


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