Recent Musical Discoveries

Shura - "Just once"

This young lady's writing has a stripped-down feel.  It's as raw as you like.  I don't know how popular she is with the kids of today, but she ought to be causing a stir.  The new generation of listeners are so much more discerning musically than I was at that age so I've got every confidence that they'll pick up on this girl's talents.     

"If you get my name wrong/I won't get pissed off/'cause I wish I was somebody else."

Låpsley - "Station"

I've been listening to "Falling Short" - another song by Låpsley - for a very long time.  But it's only recently that I've discovered this one.  It has a great laid-back quality and feels as if it should belong in a dream sequence.  I'm increasingly drawn to songs that gives that listener room to think and this one certainly allows that. 

The Dø - "Despair, Hangover and Ecstasy"

I like the European feel to this one.  There's a freedom of performance to French singers that you don't necessarily see in England.  Camille is an obvious example of another unique French performer (think Sia, but a little more creative).  It's just a little bit different, a little more direct, even if it is vaguely cheesy. 


 Laura Marling & Eddie Berman - "Like a Rolling Stone"

Marling's latest album, Short Movie, has been lauded as her best yet, but my interest has wained ever since "A Creature I Don't Know".  Her second album, "I Speak Because I Can" is arguably her best.  Ever since then it seems as if she's struggled to forge an identity that is equal in honesty to the one found on her first two albums.  I saw her perform at Gloucester Cathedral in 2011 and it was then that I believe she was at the height of her powers.  However, it's nice to hear cover songs like this that harks back to the Marling of old - a voice as expressionistic as understatedly powerful as the one I fell in love with.  

Slow Club - "Disco 2000"
The amount of times I've listened to Slow Club's cover of Pulp's "Disco 2000" is bordering on the ridiculous.  Jarvis Cocker has always been a great storyteller, and it is the story that draws me most to this cover.  I've been waiting for Slow Club to get their big break for a while.  It might have been on the back of the following performance, but they are still relatively unknown.  However, they are set to support The Mystery Jets in a BBC 6Music Celebration of Sheffield at the beginning of May, so let's hope that gives the duet the exposure they deserve.


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