The Day You Turned 27

I drop you off on the college road with traffic queuing
the other way and the drivers sit in rank of thankfulness 
with their windows down and lets say it was my prayer
among a million others that caused the weather
to develop a consciousness among other things and stay 
hot for your birthday and before you make your way
through the park to meet the girls for evening coffee
you thank me for this and this and this and with both palms
upturned a pause and a catch in the throat I say that
I am doing nothing more than what a good woman deserves
and it is only after we part and you disappear through
the fold of green that I notice the two hyphens 
in matter-of-fact had served as footholds as I said it
and it is is only when I negotiate my way back down 
to car level that I can use my feet to pull away.


  1. Definitely a poet's lenses in your eyes, Tom. And Welder - quite perfect.


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