On the Occasion I Turned to My 23 Year-Old Brother and Asked Him to Tell Me Absolutely Anything

it projects rostrally.
Write something about the brain –
not like a technical poem,
but one pertaining to the brain.

The lateral geniculate nucleus
is part of the thalamus,
a mid-brain structure that regulates
the sleep-wake cycle,
amongst other functions,

such as the generation of
neuronal oscillations,
and it’s also a target for deep brain stimulation,
which is a treatment designed
to attenuate
resting tremor in Parkinson’s Disease.

Russians managed to transplant
the head
of a dog
onto the back of another dog,
which could

Head transplants are a thing of the future. 

Take the head off a paraplegic
and swap it with the head
of a comatose patient.

Have you seen Face/Off? 
that film,
but instead of the face,
it’s the head. 


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