And the Winner of Sports Personality of the Year is...

Sports Personality of the Year. The short list is chock-full of future Sirs and Dames. For the winner of this prestigious award, it will round off an exceptional year of sporting achievement amid an unprecedented number of British success stories. I think I know the surname of the athlete who will win. As humble and as self-deprecating as I am, the odds speak for themselves: the bookies are now calling it evens. So who will win? Bradley Wiggins, who won Le Tour de France and won an Olympic Gold in one year, or Tom Wiggins, who, earlier today, managed to run the two miles back to his parents' house in under twenty minutes without stopping.

Wiggins and team mate Mark Cavendish, himself a recipient of the SPotY award in 2011. 

Wiggins after his time trial at the London Olympics.  None of his opponents could dethrone him.
Me, Tom Wiggins, having been crowned overall winner of  Hillview Primary  School Sports Day in 1997. 


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