The Student Knock

Untroubled, unhurried, loyal to the knock, 
silent - they waited.  Time took leave of itself.  
James rolled on his heels, stopping at intervals. 
Will watched a plane and he did so open-mouthed 
and that’s all he did.  A bush rustled somewhere. 
Should we go? I asked. 
James turned his head, looked at me.  
What for? We haven’t spoken to them yet. 
We’ve knocked, I said. 
And they’re not in. 
He looked at Will. Will looked down, looked at me.  
I looked back at Will. Will turned to James.  
I thought you said they go to City.  
You said the thing said they went to City  
They do go to City, James said.  
The thing did say it.
Will smiled, relaxed.  Don’t worry, he smirked.  They go to City.  The thing said so. 
Another knock.  
They’re in, James said.  They go to City.  They’re always in.  


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