My Grandfather's Collection of Photos and Propaganda from the Korean War


  1. Fascinating stuff, Tom! Was your grandfather in the Glosters? Were the Hiroshima pictures his own and, if so, did he serve in WWII also?

    I used to know an ex-Major ( sadly gone now ) who fought at the Battle Of Imjin River in Korea, where the Gloucester Regiment made a brave stand against overwhelming Chinese forces. He was captured and tortured but still maintained his enthusiasm for the army in the years after his military service. They were made of strong stuff in those days!

  2. Hi Simon. No one really knows much about his time in Korea. It obviously had a great impact on him as he promised to name his first son Kim after (it is assumed) someone he met out there. His first son was my dad. Granddad was too young to serve in WWII so, again, I assume the photos that appear in his scrap book were given to him by fellow soldiers who had. Apparently he was part of The Welch Regiment rather than The Royal Welch Fusiliers, two army regiments posted there. A grainy picture of my Granddad's cap badge in one of the pictures would seem to corroborate this.


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