A Brief Exchange Between Two Would-Be North Korean Revolutionaries

Korean 1: Now that Kim Jong-Il is dead, do you want to join me in overthrowing our country’s tyrannous regime?
Korean 2: I would, but…
Korean 1: But what?
Korean 2: I’m not insane. And I’d rather just shoot myself in the face.
Korean 1: I think you’re-
Korean 2: Or jump on a landmine.
Korean 1: Look, this-
Korean 2: But not before I watched my entire family jump on a landmine.
Korean 1: You’re-
Korean 2: Then all of my friends, and then all of their friends.
Korean 1: See, it’s-
Korean 2: And everyone I’ve ever spoken to. Ever. But only if it was systematic, emotionless and dead quick. Either alphabetically or by height - I haven’t decided yet.
Korean 1: All I’m saying is that if the Arab and Middle Eastern uprisings can be so successful, then why can’t a North Korean one?
Korean 2: Dude, you must be on crack.


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